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Words of Emotion

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You are w o r l d - c l a s s .”

a person of or among the best in the world.

It happens again because of course it does. Insecurity so deep that even razors can’t reach it don’t just vanish over night. There are days when he knows - knows - that her fears are all she sees and that the love in his eyes don’t mean a damn. 

But he’s ready this time when her old fears come knocking. He’s got words he’s saved up for her, an umbrella of words to shield her from all the shit falling on her head. Words he thinks she only hears when she’s squashed so flat she’s got no choice but listen to him as she climbs up outta the hole she’s stuck inside.

I love you because your hand fits in mine like it was made for it. I love you because no one else has wanted my words the way that you do. I love you because when we’re naked I feel like I’m where I belong. I love you because I do, because we fit together perfectly, because I can’t imagine a world where you’re not with me and when I do I feel like I might hurl, I love you I love you I love you because you are you and you are amazing. 

He thinks that some days she even believes him. On the days she doesn’t, he just keeps telling her.  It don’t matter if she’s got dark days, long as she let’s him shine some light to keep her warm.

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